Disposable slippers are generally used in five-star hotels, hotels, homes, hospitality, etc. The slippers we offer can be enjoyed in the hotel room or on the plane. This little detail will enhance your reputation and even upgrade your basic hotel or airline. LIANGSHUANG offers a wide range of slippers from luxury to basic for all types of hotels and airlines. Our slippers can be open or closed and available in a variety of sizes, materials and types. Our slippers can be customized to your budget and taste.
Our slippers are very lightweight and very soft and comfortable to wear, and have good waterproof, slip resistant and breathable properties. Due to the various features of the disposable slipper design, the disposable slipper has various advantages such as air permeability, waterproof and slip resistance, water absorption and the like.
As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of soaps, shampoos and other amenities in China, LIANGSHUANG has its own factory to make slippers, which means that you can buy less slippers form us. We can also offer you wholesale service.
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